Sunday, August 7, 2016

Baby, Its Cold Outside Gacha Event

Baby, It's Cold Outside
Gacha Event!

A Christmas themed gacha event!

All Stores able to enter, Marketplace only or Inworld stores!

Costs of the event:

(all fees are paid upfront)

~By the entrance
~On the sign
~Poster around sim with landmarks
~4 gachas (if want less let me know)
~Prim allowance info coming soon
~Blogger access
Each additional gacha machine past 4: 200L

~2 gachas
~Blogger access
Each additional gacha machine past 2: 100L

All fees only to be paid upon acceptance!
Do not pay them before getting a message.

All fees due before December 4th
Set up starts: December 4th

Bloggers wanted!:
Application coming closer to time.
Info coming closer to time.

1 comment:

  1. Glad to see this post. Really liked this Christmas themed event. Recently I also attended a event at one of event venues Chicago. It was a bridal event show where I found lovely dresses and accessories. Had a really great time there.