Sunday, August 7, 2016

November Hunts

The Classy Glam hunt is just that...anything classy or glam.
This can be pretty much anything in the end lol.
Based on your definition of Classy or Glam.

(deadlines bellow)

The Native Pilgrim Hunt is the Thanksgiving hunt of November!!!
Let us give thanks together here at Noir Events!

They are both a 0L-1L Gridwide hunt.

Deadlines for both:

Application Deadline: October 20th
Welcome Pack Sent on Acceptance
Sponsor Fees Due: October 24th
Line Up Sent: October 25th
Final Pack Sent: October 25th
Prims out and set for sell: October 30th
Runthroughs:  October 30th-31st
Start: November 1st

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