Noir Events Rules

Yes Yes I know how boring! Every place must have them though.
Welcome to the Noir Events Rule page!

To join in a hunt, event, holiday sale, and more, we have to have a simple rule set to go by.
Any rule broken will result in:
-Barred from joining, and or any other action in terms with LL
-No refunds if a paid event or sponsorship
-Rejection of any applications

Le Rules De Noir.

1: Any drama stirred in Group chat will result in Muted within chat, as well as possible Barred from future events.

2: Any fees will be paid on time. If not, we reserve the right to remove you from sponsorship or from events. Fees will be charged in:
  • Fairs or gacha events
  • sponsorship for hunts
  • sponsorship of fairs
  • sponsorship of gacha events
  • possible future holiday sales rooms
3: Sponsors CAN have advertising rights for the duration of their event, in chat only. Any others advertising will be removed from group as well as bared from further events.

4: Everyone must follow the timelines! Unless you have explained to us why you will be late, we do not tolerate late application, fees, set up, etc. This can result in being removed from events or hunts!

5: If you have an issue with someone, take it up with the moderators or said person IN IM. If it is brought into chat, moderators reserve the right to temporarily mute whichever side is causing the disruption. 

6: No spamming chat. That is a no duh that sometimes needs pointed out.

7: Do not put down others. This includes:
  • Saying their items in hunts or events suck.
  • Bashing their views on things
  • Discrimination
  • Anything that falls under Cyber Bullying.
  • Anything that Breaks Linden LabsTOS
  • Harassing 

8: Everything MUST follow Linden Labs TOS. Anything that breaks that TOS will result in immediate removal!

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