School Drools Hints and Pics


Do you love me?
You know I do, my dear

By the PokaDotted Heels..

Mule love being the teacher's pet

Was it up the stairs or down the stairs?

Timeless Textures
Ok Class, take a SEAT then tell me which of these is not like the others

Laysta's Nest
the Pets sleep in Here

A fiesta with ICE CREAM!

Hey! grab a book and maybe... a bite

I'm new, but not brand new.

Just... SNOW!

Back 2 School Sale

Pampered Bratz
I am hidden very well
sometimes its like I am under a spell
I feel like I am floating how can that be?
I have no power in little old me

Take a seat and read a book...

This time of year the weather changes so quickly
I always wear a tank top,
but bring a cardigan just in case.

'=^.^= Furry Fashion=^.^=
How's your memory?

Eggsactly what I was looking for!

I love bowling!

But mother, I don't want to go to school today.
I wanna stay home and bake cookies with you!
Not today, Zoe!

You have been naughty and need a
TIME OUT - as you PONDER HERE you will find the APPLE
to get you what you want.

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